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I arrived from vacation at midnight after 3 or 4 flight delays. Upon arrival I discovered my luggage was damaged. I proceeded to the baggage claims office to report the damage. We walked right in as there was not a sole in the office except us and the representative. We approached and explained to the rep our damage. Without hesitation the rep handed us a piece of paper and instructed us to file a report online. We were confused followed the instruction. Upon trying to create a report we received an error asking for pictures information which was not asked for through the process. There was no way to upload this requested information. We tried this 100 times with no success. The error also instructs us to contact an agent at westjet at the airport! After being on hold for an hour on 2 separate occasions I am left with one option make the trip back to the airport at my own expense to report this damage if I want any compensation. It is obvious to me this westjet customer service representative needs to find a new line of work, unless she is actually following WestJet’s customer service policies? I would hood this is not the case. I am filing a formal complaint with regards to this Westjet representative. I will be traveling to the airport on Tuesday Jan 11 to report the damage to create a claim. My flight was WS2395 we arrived prior to midnight, my encounter with your representative was at 1:00 AM. I would like to know what your policy is in dealing with luggage you damage and if this Westjet representative was following your policy. Which would be, I can’t help you go home and do it yourself! I can’t be bothered, I’d rather sit here and do nothing! Beautiful! I am so angry irritated disappointed and disgusted with this avoidable situation. All your rep had to do… Is do their JOB! I will follow up until I am satisfied with the result. I will take this a high as it needs to go. If I have to write to your CEO I will get answers. THIS IS NOT ACCEPTABLE…And should never happen to anyone again.

Desired outcome… as it won’t accept, what exactly does miximun mean?

I want answers regarding policy and if this is how you handle baggage claims. I want to know if this rep will be notified or reprimanded for dereliction of duty. I’d like compensation for my luggage and my cost associated with time and travel back to airport to create my claim.

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