Westlake Financial Services

I purchased my vehicle in 2006. I was paying my car note on time. I then came into some financial hardships that cause me to fall behind. Bottom line, the representative told me that I could bay a certain amount, and then pay the other amount 2 weeks after. Then when my payment came I would only pay half for that month. I wasn’t able to pay on that schedule, but got the total amount in.

The representative then told me that was not the agreement. I told her, ” you know what, I need to start recording these conversation. You all keep changing things.” She stated I needed to send in another $75.00. I don’t have anymore money to send to you. I have sent in the total you all requested. After going back and forth with this representative, she then insults my intelligence, by saying, “well this is not my problem, you should have enough education to… blah blah blah.” At this point I told her, “you will not talk to me that way, I will hang this phone up on you.” She replies while I am talking, “go ahead… go ahead”. TOTALLY UNPROFESSIONAL.

Before this incident, they had a “so called repo man”, call me and leave a message. First of all, he tries to talk in a southern accent which was fake as monopoly money. He couldn’t even hold the accent through the hold message. LOL

Oh well, you live and learn. I am not surprised there are others that have complained on this company.

Found At: Westlake Financial Services – Totally unprofessional service!

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