I have never been as disappointed in an appliance. There is nothing good about this product. I waited for months to get it delivered because it was on back order. Had purchased it to have for Christmas family gathering because my previous oven’s door got broken. Finally received it in January 2017. Continuously smell gas from the stove. Had plumber out twice and verified that it is not coming from the connection. Had an appliance person come and use his gas detection meter and could not find anywhere that it was coming out. Smelled it again, he came back again and said that it must be inside the stove.

The burner grate idea seemed like a good idea because you could just lift each side up on hinges for cleaning, however they sit so high above the burners that only the very large burner on the front will cook anything that has to be boiled or fried on high. You can barely boil water on any of the others.

The burner knobs on the front don’t have enough “lock” on them that they get turned on just getting near them. At least 4 times in the past 5 months I have gone into the kitchen to find that a burner has been on for quite some time and the kitchen full of gas. Night before last we went to bed and I smelled gas in the early morning, and when I came out the kitchen and living room were full because my husband used the (over the range) microwave and brushed one of the stove knobs and it came on. If I had not gone in there we could have blown up.

My 2 year old granddaughter can reach up there and turn the burner on without a problem.

I paid a lot of money for this product and don’t have the money to buy another one and shouldn’t have to. This range should be re-called at Whirlpool’s expense before someone gets killed.

Found At: Whirlpool – 5 burner – double oven gas range – whirlpool gold series

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