I purchased a “commercial grade’ front loader maytag washer, you know the commercial about the lonely repairman?, well, he isn’t so lonely… I have had this washer 20 months, and it’s no longer working… The”10 year warrantee, was only on 2 parts that do not normally go bad/need work, not the whole washer, in the “fine print”. So the one year manufacture warrantee is expired, I have a repairman who is from service co required by whirlpool/maytag come out. I explained when requesting service, it had no power/wouldn’t come on. I checked power to the washer and it was fine. The repairman arrives, looks at it, other than removing back, nothing else, he said cant do diagnostic since will have to replace the board/and or control panel. Charged me 106 for service call… Estimate to replace parts/service and labor – $700, more than I paid for the whole washer. Whatever happened to a company backing its products for more than a year? Especially when its “commercial grade, 10 year warrantied on advertising” and company name supposed to mean dependable and long lasting? And what’s the idea of have to replace major electronic parts just to diagnose? Apparently that is the problem and they should have had the parts available on arrival (and at better cost) never going to buy whirlpool again. It appears the companies today are definitely not environmentally conscious, making throw away items like this. If they aren’t throwaway why make replacements parts so expensive? And in the current covid crisis with people out of work, loss income, ridiculo

Found At: Whirlpool – Maytag “commercial grade” front loader washer

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