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To Whom it may concern,

I had a brand new Indesit washing machine delivered & installed by yourselves on the 07/06/17. The delivery man scratched 3 tiles when installing the washing machine, which I reported you to on same day.

The new washing machine was then leaking, so I again phoned customer services on the 09/06/17 to report this. They booked an engineer visit to come on the 13/06/17. The new faulty washing machine leaked 3 times over my new kitchen flooring, which I phoned customer services to report several times (09/06/17, 10/06/17 & 12/06/17), which they said to wait for the engineer visit on the 13/06/17. The engineer came to find that the new washing machine was faulty, there was a problem with the draw filtering the conditioner (this will be on your records), he then ordered the 4 new parts and re-book another engineer visit for the 16/06/17. The engineer came with the parts & repaired the new washing machine. I was never offer a new replacement washing machine which I am disappointed about as I feel this should have been automatically offered, as I had just paid for a new washing machine, why should a brand new washing machine be repaired & not replaced?

I was very disappointed yesterday to receive a phone call from your senior customer advisor, regarding my complaint being compensated for all the inconvenience above I have suffered from Whirpool.

The gentleman at first offered me £30.00, then increasing this to £50.00, plus a years extra warranty. I find this a complete insult, I lost a day’s annual leave (which equates to £70.00), plus inconvenient of taking my washing to family & friends for over a week whilst I was waiting for my new washing machine to be fixed, plus all the phone calls to customer services & the claims line. It is an absolute joke, I should be compensated at least £100.00. Why should a customer be out of pocket for buying a new washing machine from yourselves.

I want this matter looking into further and not just to be shrugged off.

A very unhappy customer.


Mrs Hodgson
UK Customer

Found At: Whirlpool: Reviews, Complaints, Customer Claims, Page 33 | ComplaintsBoard

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