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I recently purchase a GE washing machine and dryer from HHGregg with an extended warranty. It was Model # WHRE5550KWW which has an infusor not a full agitator. The clothes do not become clean. One hundred percent of the time the same dirt on the clothes remains after washing. The water does not fill over 1/3 the way with water, so the clothes just get wet and rub up against each other. I was instructed by the HHGregg who I first reported the problem to on 01/20/2010. HHGregg instructed me to call for repair which I have done and they determined that it was a defect. Then I call the manufacture (GE) and was told they had to have another technician to come out. Now it is two month into solving this issue, another technician came out and did find problems with the machine. I got on the phone with GE customer relation and they said they can have it repaired but it had to be repaired in my home. I asked can I swap for a different type machine of lesser or a little more in value that is basic. They rejected the idea and told me that the only thing they can do is to repair the new machine and be stuck with the results of unclean clothes and have been terribly inconvenienced with no resolution at this point except to buy another washer which they offered for discount for $337.00.
HHGregg stated they could not help me and GE stated they could only repair this inferior product.

Found At: WHRE5550KWW GE Appliance – Inferior product and repair issues

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