Atty. Jensen A. Sanhi fake attorney - Atty. Jensen A.Sanhi estafa case

Wilber & Associates, P.C. is a collection agency/attorney that is attempting to collect $11383.98 dollars from me, Natasha Lynn Brewer, for a Fraudulent Car Accident. All documents they have that imply I was in any type of way involved in said Auto Accident are all Fraudulent and Forged. All documents and the Auto Accident itself are completely with out my knowledge, meaning I never spoke to anyone ever pertaining to the Auto Accident they claim took place. The original Auto Insurance Company that Wilber & Associates, P.C. is collecting money for is USAA Casuality Insurance Company, 9800 Fredericksburg Rd. San Antonio, Texas 78288 Phone# [protected] Fax# [protected] Email: [protected] The claim# is [protected] and the Policy Holders Name that Is Also Responsible for staging the Fraudulent Auto Accident and Paper Work is Ryan E. Smith. Date of Birth Is 11/09/?. I don’t know the year she was born. I know the month and day because they tried to file the same claim with Liberty Mutual first but they denied the claim as it was fraudulent and because I reported it to Liberty Mutual as being fraudulent. The claim# with Liberty Mutual Before they denied the claim was [protected] and the Adjusters name was Daniel Gallagher phone # [protected]. I have reported this Fraudulent Auto Accident to USAA Casuality Insurance Company as well. I have not received a response to my report and Wilber & Associates, P.C. is continuously, like weekly, sending me letters in the mail requesting payment and threating garnishment of my wages, suspension of my Drivers License, cancelation of my vehicle registration and placement of a lien on my property.

Found At: Wilber & Associates, P.C. – Fraudulent collection / fraudulent car accident / fraudulent & forged documents

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