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In July of 2012 I had window world come and replace a sliding glass door. I love my new door, it’s awesome…I can’t say that for the service I’ve received.

I called window world in early 2014, because I have a severe draft coming in (which I had to shove towels in my door to stop the cold air from coming in. On March 7, 2014 a technician came to my house stated that I need a weather strip (which was never installed) and told my mother that it would take 5 weeks for the part to come in.

The first week of June I finally called window work to check on the statues of my part. The lady replied “oh it’s in I was going to call you today!” Really 3 months later…Give me a break…

So June 20, 2014 the same technician that came on March 7, 2014 came. When I woke up I called my mom at her house to see how everything went with my door. She informed me that my door was NOT fixed. The wrong part had been ordered.

I’m upset so I call window world of Altoona on Friday June 20, 2014 to speak to the owner, left a message with some lady because HE doesn’t have voicemail…NOTHING! I call back on Monday June 23, m 2014 spoke with another lady left another message…STILL NOTHING.

I understand that it’s 1 sliding glass door and not 10 windows. So if your motto is that “not only do you stand behind your windows you stand on them” I hope they don’t break because you’ll never get it fixed.

Found At: Window World – love door… service not so much!

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