I want to file a complaint against two pharmacists. A woman named Susan Hooks was filling in for Rod on 7-9-2019. Rod is the manager of this particular pharmacy so we have tried to deal only with him. My husband just had his knee replaced and prior to the surgery, he was under the care of a local pain management doctor named Dr. T. Memon. Rod has been aware of my husband’s condition and filling his medications for several months. A few days before the surgery, my husband got the post op prescriptions and took them to Rod. Rod was refusing to fill what the doctor ordered so we had to have the doctor call Rod to get things squared away. We were trying to avoid getting all stressed out after the surgery, wondering if he’d have the proper medications for his post op pain. My husband was released from the hospital on Saturday, 7-6-2019 and Rod would only agree to fill the post op pain prescription for three days because he said it needed to have the words “Acute Pain Exception” written on it. On Monday, we called the doctor and he issued the prescription as Rod needed it to be the next morning. That night however, he suffered terribly and I was very worried because my husband also has a heart condition. I was very upset seeing my husband suffering like this and it shouldn’t have ever happened! The next morning, we got the new prescription and headed back to the pharmacy. That was when we met Sandra Hooks. She flat out refused to fill the rest of the prescription so my husband suffered another agonizing night without the proper pain medications. The following day, we called Rod and he apologized profusely and told us he had instructed Susan to fill the medication not once, but twice. He said he called her that morning and also had written a note in my husband’s file. We ask Susan to please call Rod and she refused and was extremely rude to us. She treated my husband as if he was some kind of a degenerate drug addict rather than an elderly man that had just had undergone an extremely painful surgery! No one should have to go through this after they have had a knee replacement. We will never use this pharmacy again until Susan Hooks is dealt with. She refused to do what her manager had instructed her to do and also what our doctor had instructed. We would like to know our complaints are dealt with properly. In our opinion, this is unprofessional behavior it could have caused my husband to have another heart attack. Rod was generally easier to deal with but he should not have refused after he had spoken to the doctor either. If it needed to have the words “Acute Pain Exception” then Rod should have conveyed that to the doctor. Our names are Stuart and Angela Keel. Our address is 18210 Petoskey Circle, Port Charlotte, FL 33948. Our email address is [protected] We would like to know our complaints are dealt with properly.

Found At: Winn-Dixie – Pharmacy service

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