On March 3rd my husband and I decided to take advantage of the bogo free sale Winn Dixie had on select chicken pieces. On March 6th, I did as I would normally do and prepared myself for a full day in the kitchen. After making what I assumed was an awesome meal…Within several hours, I felt rather ill. I had slight bloating and gas and felt some what nauseated, but because of similar symptoms, I simply attributed that feeling to my “monthly visitor”. Shortly after my symptoms, my husband complained of stomach cramps and gas as well. In retrospect, we simply ignored the signs. Within another hour or 2, I decided to take some midol and go to bed. By midnight…WE WERE BOTH REELING from the vomiting, cramps, diarrhea and chills. By the end of the 2nd day (Thurs) we were in no condition to rest, eat or drink anything. I went back to the only thing that we ate only 1 day before and after digging through my trash can, I discovered the chicken was COMPLETELY ROTTEN! The SELL BY DATE on the packaging was; FEB 9th, but it was sold to us on March 3rd nearly 1 month after it should have been thrown out.
After 5 days of being EXTREMELY sick and this being thee 3rd time, WINN DIXIE can cancel my rewards card because…I WANT TO LIVE!
The store’s practice is something to be desired. They truly have no respect for their customers and have ignored my plea to settle this within reason. First it was spoiled/rotten turkey necks, then it was moldy cheese and yogurts. Last year it was rancid pork and shrimp, now it’s chicken. Sometimes you just cut your loses and say “it’s only a few dollars”, “Thank God I didn’t eat it”, but after looking back, It’s nearly $40.00 worth of food and now a serious food poisoning issue that lasted nearly 1 week. We suffered with pains so severe and the worst cases of diarrhea I have ever seen. Neither of us could drink anything for 3 days because even plain water would send our cramps into overdrive.
I still have the original packaging and receipt to confirm this is what made us horribly sick. After calling the store to complain, Ms. Rena at store #0564 on Cottage Hill & Schillinger in Mobile, Al had the nerve to call me a liar for over 8 minutes and never once issued an apology! Not 1 person with authority has returned my calls and I’m still waiting on a letter of apology. Now I must assume the position, get my footing and go to the next level..Corporate is now requesting copies of my proof. Perhaps making copies of my proof and posting them around town will get some type of response…Maybe my local news station will be interested in the copies as well…Wish me Luck.

Found At: Winn-Dixie – rotten meat for the 3rd time

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