United Medical Center - negligence

i loaded my funds on my wiredplastic card thn couldnt use the card…called customer service spoke to angelee which ws no help..gve me no resolution…transferrd me all areound their office. thn left me on hold for long time…had to cll thm bck over & over again..then thet chrged me every time i had to cll them…i coulndt use my card and they chrge me to cll them a see why i couldnt use card..when nothing went wrng on my end…it ws their fault for deactivating my card fater no use for almost 2weeks not 2 mnths…this company is so wrong..thy have alot of hidden fees as well…i encourage every1 not to do business with this company…im just astounded that a company will charge you to cll their customer service…i think they’re a rip off..and if more people complain or come forwrd we will see some justice…this is just nt right…

Found At: Wired Plastic – complaint

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