so my problem started on the 03/12/2018 when i noticed all my funds had been transfered into bitcoin and transfered out without my authorization. i.e wirex never sent me an email to confirm sending funds. so i contacted support and told them the problem. followed up by an email stating the fact of what happened. they blocked/froze my account there and then. The next day 04/12/2018 they enabled my account and sent me an email saying any more problems please contact us. Which i did asking about my funds that were illegally transfered out of my account.
you guessed it…no reply…sent a further 4 emails…guessed again…no reply…
informed admin on telegram. all you get is when we know something we let you know ?
no why would admin on telegram know something before the customer doe’s ?
(( doesn’t make sense i know ))
whilst in telegram and on twitter i noticed a few people having the same problem…starting to worry me at this point…
so with no reply to emails and no direct telephone number available i had no alternative but to telephone the financial ombusman…
very helpful. i am in process over sending them my screen shots and emails i have received. including the chats in telegram. directors names and business address. my next stage at this point is to raise a claim in the small claims court and let them decide. I hope it doesn’t get that far though but with the lack of communication from wirex they leave me no choice.
i use 2fa, vpn (( sometimes )) but more importanly i have a static ip address
clearly they can not cope. i have received ticket number for complaints by email that were not meant for me. so this in itself breaches data protection.
i would urge anyone to take precaution and do your research before proceeding with wirex

Found At: Wirex – insecure product and customer service is terrible

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