Woman Within

Returned items 12/16, called woman within 1/22 to find out about refund.

Tracking shows picked up by shipping agent but not delivered. Since picked up i feel I am due a refund whether the shipment is lost or you received.

I have tried talking to people regarding this return and I’m not sure they understand.

I returned two Orders# [protected] 4 items and order #[protected] 1 item

order# [protected]

Item 1- Two-piece flannel shirt and tee – too tight in arm

item# [protected] Size 4X Qty 1

Item 2 – Flannel Tunic with layered look – too big

Item # [protected]

Size 4X Qty 1

Item 3 – Back elastic straight leg cotton jean — too big

Item# [protected]

Color: light stonewash

Size 24WP

Qty 1

Item 4 – Back elastic straight leg cotton jean — too big

item # – [protected]

Color: med stonewash

Size: 24wp

Qty 1

Order # [protected]

Item 1 – Two-Piece Flannel shirt and tee

Color: soft iris winter plaid

Item # [protected]

Size 5X

Qty 1

***Note: This item did not ship till 11/2/2021 to me so I was within my 60days to return,.

All these items were sent in the same package as I did not get a return label with the 2nd Order.

Tracking Number: 92023901007909000193511711

This packages shows it was picked up on 12/16 but after that there is no delivery information. It has been almost 2 months and the package should have made it to you.

Please let me know what you can find as I do feel i should get a refund whether the items reach you or not as i used the tracking label sent to me and can confirm package was picked up by shipping Agent.

I would greatly appreciate any assistance you can offer in helping me get the refund for these items.

Thank you Leah

Found At: Woman Within – Never received refund

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