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On 08/22/18, I went to the branch in Silvis, IL in regards to a check I had written for my sons Youth Football League. Unfortunately, the check bounced and I was charged an overdraft fee that I was okay with. I spoke with Lisa at the branch, who advised me that she would do a STOP PAYMENT on the check and there would be a $35.00 fee. She also stated if I take the GPS class, she would reverse one of the fees. On this day, I wanted to deposit a $1, 500 check but Lisa advised me to NOT deposit the check. Lisa stated this would have me paying the $1, 500 bounced check, and since I paid the football team in cash, this would have them being double paid. So Lisa cashed my check for $1, 500 and placed it in an envelope. Lisa told me to call her the following day to confirm it was done and I did. When I called, Lisa stated everything was okay and the stop payment had been processed. Later that day, Mona, a customer service rep, advised me that I had to pay the $35.00 UPFRONT. I advised Mona that I do not live in Illinois, and that it was a 45 minute drive to the branch. Therefore, I could not bring in the payment. I also reminded Mona, that on that day, I cashed a $1, 500 check. Had I known I would have to pay the money upfront, I would have done so that day. I told Mona to have Lisa call me, as she is the one who advised me to do all of this.

Later that day, I get a call from Kathy, the branch manager in Peoria, IL. Kathy was by far the RUDEST “Manager” I have EVER encountered! Kathy SCREAMED at me stating “We have credited close to $300 since 2012 and it’s YOUR FAULT not Lisa’s that the check didn’t clear. I advised Kathy that yes, the two overcharges I acknowledge the fault. However, Lisa advised me that she would stop the payment. Therefore, if this check hits my bank account again, it’s Lisa’s fault. NOT MINES! Mind you, I am a Team Manager for a Multi-BILLION dollar company. Kathy began SCREAMING at me telling me that there was no way to stop payment on the check and regardless of the misinformation from Lisa, that everything was MY FAULT! I BEGGED Kathy to please provide me with her Manager’s contact information and all she said was “I will have him call you” and hung up! I called the branch 3 times after that and Kathy would say hello, then hang up AGAIN!

I have over $1000, 000 deposited into this account YEARLY! I have lived in 3 different states since opening up my account in 2012, and I have kept Woodforest the ENTIRE TIME! However, the professionalism I have received from Lisa(complete misinformation) and Kathy was the worse Customer Service, ESPECIALLY from Management I have EVER encountered! At this point, it’s not about the close to $100 in overdraft fees, solely about the professionalism, and misinformation provided by a “manager”. If I were to provide one of my customers with misinformation. Not only would I be terminated, but AT&T would do their absolute best to resolve the issue. Not place the blame entirely on the customer. Honestly, I wouldn’t feel comfortable walking into either branch! If I do not receive a call [protected])/email from Kathy’s direct Manager, I will be taking my $100, 000k a year elsewhere.

Thank you for your time…

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  1. Thank you for your feedback. Would you mind sending an email to CustomerAdvocacy@woodforest.com with a good phone number to reach you? We would like to address your concerns with you. Thank you!

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