Woodforest National Bank

My name is Sharon Beane [protected]
3943 greenwood dr lot B west cola sc 29170

I use three locations.. Two knotch rd colawest colaforest drive cola sc
The one I am very very upset with is the West cola Sc location. I went this morning to make a deposit. The bank was not open as of yet so I did my shopping. then it was 7 mins till the bank opened. There was an elderly man sitting inside the banks chairs waiting, he was there when I came up. I knew he was waiting. Then people had started to form aline behind me.The employees where walking around talking .. It was 2-3 mins before the bank was to open. Now we have along line. These two black men came up and sat down. so when the bank opened the one man who was already there went to the window. Then it should had been my turn. I am 54 my legs are really bad and ankles are size of a small orange. I work through it everyday. With that said the women motioned for the black man the had sat in the chair 2-3 mins b4 opening to come up to help him. The people behind me we both said he was not here first. He says calm down and the bank women said he was already here. Ok but he was not in line. He went into the store then came back. Just because he had been there and they were closed does not give him the right or her the right to take him before all of us that stood in line. Well words were exchanged and I did get mad because he was allowed to make his remarks. . He had said see !there you go she will get you. The other lady teller is who he was talking about, and that is what I was responding to. He said just telling you. He was being a smart mouth. I told him I do not need you to tell me anything, I can see and hear. So he goes on to sing God Bless America, being silly. And was still making remarks which caused me to say things to the teller that is was acting stupid. Now all your teller are black and most of the customers Which are all black. She wants to tell me everyone is being helped and its over. Its over! I was sill upset and said yall are talking to me telling me to let it go, but no one is saying anything to him. He is still talking crap! I was being targeted by 6 blacks against me.The 6th one was his blk friend. I have been with the bank for over 10 yrs I believe. Have been for the most part happy. The bank I go to is Two knotch, I have always liked them very much until lately. There is to much turn around with employees. There will be nice friendly staff for awhile then here come another group that are very rude, slow .. I have gotten to the point I go when I have to now to keep from dealing with this. I am just going to try to find another bank. Woodforest has gone down in there customer service and I am not going to subject myself to that. As a business owner I have to suck it up and be nice and helpful even if I do not want to or having a bad day, even sick.The staff at the locations . They feel and know they can do what, when and how they choose to. Well not with my business nor my family or friends. I had the the mind no it’s no equal there, but as long as customer services is good I do not care. Well I care now! All your locations are primary Black. Other people want and need jobs. It’s not equal fit. And you cannot tell me they are the only ones that are applying for the job and can do the job. Come on! My daughter is married to a police officer in walterbro and they did not call her back. she needs to pay bills she needs to feed her kids too.
Well my trip today was not at all good. And your employees was clear in taking up for him. Pull the video and audio. You will not be able to justify their actions. Esp the teller that told him to come up can cut the line.

I really hope there are changes going to be made. Common sense tell you they knew better than what they allowed to happen.

Thank you for your time …
Sharon Beane [protected]

Found At: Woodforest National Bank – staff at all locations

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