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I went into your South Fremantle store this morning & stopped at the deli section to buy some chicken, when I got there, one of the girls was serving a lady there, the other was bagging chickens to put out, while she was doing this another customer asked how long they would be, she replied very curtly “in a minute”, once she put them out I naturally thought she would serve me, but no, she ignored me & went up the other end to serve a gentleman who recently walked up, so I let that one go thinking I’ll definitely be served next, but no I was ignored again while she served the next man standing there, I walked off & wasn’t going to worry about getting the chicken, but I did need it so went back. I was the only customer, so this young person had no choice but to serve me, when I asked why she ignored me before when I was there, she stated that the man was before me which I know was totally untrue as I seen who was there when I walked up & she was busy bagging the hot foods. When I asked ok so why did you serve the other guy before me, she didn’t answer only asked what I wanted. I’ve worked in customer service & know how important it is, people like Kayla in that store really need to be taught on how important it is & if a customer is unhappy with their service how about a “I’m sorry I should of asked who was next”, not just a shrug & walk off after getting my product.


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