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I am a victim of the scam that is being committed by WordSmart corporation . I was rushed into buying this product even though I told the salesperson that my daughter was away at camp and would not be able to use it within their offered time frame of 30 days. He assured me there was not problem that he would give me an extra 30 days for a total of 60 days to see if I like the product.

If I didn’t like it simple called them up before this days were up and tell them I wanted to return the product. After 30 days I received another package from them with a dvd and a bill charging me 57.00 for it. I was Shocked because first of all I did not order this new dvd and second I did not authorize them to use my credit card.

When I called their customer service dept. This rude lady answer the phone and when I explained that I never order this additional dvd she said that I had been told from the beginning that I had 30 days to cancel or If I failed to do so I would automatically receive additional dvd’s. I told her I was NEVER and I mean NEVER was told about any automatic future shipments and besides the salesperson had given me an additional 30 days because my daughter whom was the person I was buying the WordSmart for in the first place, was away at camp.

She would not accept anything I was saying to her and simply threatened me that if I returned this dvd they would simply return it back. She said the salesperson had recorded my conversation when he sold me the initial product and I said ‘great this will serve as proof that he never told me anything about future shipments’ She hung up on me.

It is ashame that Mr. Alec Trebek would lend his name and image to such a scam company like this. I bought this product bases on Mr. Trebek’s infomercial and I can’t believe that he would allow this company to rip off the public in such manner. We become victims to this scam because they lie to our credit card companies saying that we knew about the additional shipments and that we knew that we had to call before our 30 day limit for the money back guarantee but I did not want to send my initial order back because my daughter had not even seen it so why would I call them if I wanted to keep the initial product? But that is where they get you because they don’t tell you that if you don’t call whether you want the product or not, if you don’t call them they will ship the additional dvd’s on the 30th day.

Don’t be victimize DO NOT BUY WordSmart. They are a Scam.

Found At: WordSmart – Online scam

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