United Medical Center - negligence

I had a subscription to this company. It was extremely expensive and I needed to cancel/ change my automatic monthly order twice. The latest was today, and I was repeatedly told by a customer that I had not hit the save button. This was not true as since this has happened to me before and I had checked a few times to be absolutely sure I would not be charged and no order was shown for 8/25, only for 9/25. I was charged anyway however and customer service said it was too late to change. I’m out $80.00 now and nothing I can do for 15-20 days. I would not advise anyone to put their trust in this company, They can’t even get many of their orders correct. I feel like since I didn’t spend as much, I was not important to them as a customer.

Found At: Xyngular – Poor service and wrong credit card charges

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