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March 8. 2021 Bay Area Surgical of St. Petersburg, FL is refusing to see patients who can’t wear masks. I wrote a complaint on Yelp because my health is at risk. I scheduled and called to ask them if I need to use another entrance or what? I never got that far. When I told her I was calling so the mask was not an issue. She immediately blocked me from explaining the vision and breathing problems. She refused access to my appointment. (made last year), and my doctor will likely never know it so I am taking it far enough that he will hear me. My surgery is affecting my eyesight and my breathing.

The office manager, Olivia was abusive rather than helpful. She said well too bad, you will just have to wait until the laws are lifted! I told he there were no mask laws and I have a right to see my doctor. I was livid when I got off the phone with her and recalled to reach my Doctor and she blocked me. I think she appointed herself my doctor and refused me essential medical care.

Even worse, I need more corrective surgery and was referred to the same place. I will likely be dead before the masking problem stops. I can wear a paper bag over my head as long as it does not touch my face.

I complained on yelp, seeking a solution and was immediately blocked from going to the Yelp site again. Somebody must have pressured them to block me. Now I can even see the site anymore.

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