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Yohance Scott sent me an e-mail stating that he was holding a moving sale. I was very interested in one of his males, Ninja. He sold him before we could come to an agreement on him. He offered me DoLo instead. I was also very interested in DoLo and became anxious to purchase him. Since we had encountered a few problem in the past, I drew up a contract for the purchase of DoLo. I signed it, faxed it to him, he signed it, and faxed it back to me. This became a legal-binding purchase agreement. The contract stated that I would own (not co-own) DoLo after I deposited $1500 USD into his Wells Fargo bank account. This amount included DoLo, shipping and any other fees. It also bound me to cover the transportation of DoLo’s semen, for his future planned breeding. The contract stated that DoLo must be shipped to me immediately after the funds were deposited into Yohance Scott’s account.
Yohance Scott said that I only needed to deposit $1300 USD into his account, and that I could pay for the shipping when I received DoLo at the airport. I found out that I was going to have to pay $400 USD for DoLo’s shipping. I contacted Yohance Scott and asked him to cover the additional $200 USD that was not agreed upon in the contract. He seemed to have issues with this. I really wanted DoLo to join my training program, so I offered to cover $100 USD of the additional $200. He agreed. The airport would not let us cover the shipping costs in separate payments, so I agreed to pay the entire $400 USD. Even though Yohance Scott broke many of the stipulations of the contract, I continued to work with him.
A few weeks went by and Yohance Scott continued to feed me different stories on why I had not received Dolo. I began to worry and then frustration set in. I decided to give him different options on how we could handle this situation. He had my money and I did not have my dog. Yohance Scott told me that he had a Grandmother that was dying. I completely emphasize with his situation, so I waited longer to receive DoLo. Then, he told me he would send DoLo on a certain date. When that day arrived, I was not able to reach him through any forms of contact, and DoLo was not shipped. I then suggested that he was under a breach of our contract. He told me to go ahead and sue him, because he has been down that road before and that the people have never followed through with the suit. I continued to try and work with him, because it’s not about the money–I just wanted DoLo.
Due to lack of communication and cooperation I came to the conclusion that he is going to keep my money and not send DoLo to me. I told him that I would inform his potential buyers of his breach of contract and poor customer service. He was not phased by my intentions.The situation escalated to childish aggression and threats of quiescent violence. I told Yohance Scott that if he sends me DoLo, I will personally write a testimonial stating that he resolved this problem and maintained a high level of professionalism and excellent customer service. He still refused to cooperate with me. I have had no choice but to continue to take steps to educate current and embryonic customers about his on-going and forthcoming avocations.

Found At: Yohance Scott/BomSquad Bullies – Insufficient Customer Service

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