I officially cancelled my Zumba membership with the penalty of losing my license after over 4 years of faithfully paying my membership dues. It feels like a slap in my face from Zumba with treating their committed instructors like another stream of revenue to make money off of by providing insructors with little options for continuing education or ways to keep their license current aside from paying their monthly ZIN membership fee that Ive not benefited off of but continued to pay for years. Their Zumba Instructor teachers falsely advertise to and manipulate new instructors by giving them the wrong information about recertification options just to sell these Zin memberships. The worst customer service ever and worst certifying company ever.I dont recommend anyone in the fitness industry to consider Zumba in their fitness careers for the reason that they treat their instructors like a sales gain not caring about wanting them to succeed as Fitness Professionals unless they are profitting off of them

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