about 6 weeks ago 5.2 million chips went missing from my zynga poker account, i reported this to the zynga team and they told me they couldn’t find anything wrong and won’t be returning my chips, although zynga may not of been hacked my facebook more than likely was and now change my password every 2 days to stop this happening again…i have emailed zynga many times now and just seem to get brushed off and ignored, i spent all that time building my chips up that is what is so frustrating and annoying, and even though zynga is free to play i should still get my chips back…you can buy zynga chips and its possible that zynga take your chips so that people have to buy them, which is how zynga mke their money which is fraud because i put time and effort into earning my 5.2 million chips…i am very angry at this and not sure if this board can do anything if not can anyone help as to who i can make an official complaint or report zynga…because this is just so unfair and i’m getting very pi**ed off with how i been treated

Found At: Zynga – hacked/missing chips

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